Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cluttered Caverns!

Today I've been trying to sit down and de-clutter the jumble of goals and aims that are currently "stored" in my mind. I set down some of my goals for the coming year... ( a lot of these have now rolled on from last year!!) oops... ;)  I thought I'd attempt some mind-mapping, I was never particularly good at images and flowcharts - always preferred Lists and numbers more.  However, I persevered and it is amazing what your mind can achieve when you let it loose.

Now in front of me I have a simple A4 page showing "Financial Freedom" in the middle, with lots of different lines sticking out with all my ideas of how I want to achieve that. I don't know if I will ever actually get a chance to do all those projects and implement all those ideas, but now they are there as a point of reference, and I can start thinking a bit more clearly.

My next aim is to sort out my bookmark folder into categories so at least I can find what I need when I need it! However, a job better left till the morning I think ;)

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