Monday, 1 February 2010

Subconscious training!

Right, slapped wrists, this is my new blog and I've already neglected it!! Tut Tut shame on me, two whole weeks with no updates. This is exactly why I started this journalling exercise.. to keep myself focused and on target!

Well I can happily report that even though I have not been updating here on a regular basis, I have not been idle. I have managed to earn the grand total of £175 in January simply by de-cluttering some of our pre-loved items these past two weeks! This was through ebay and Some clothes and bulky stuff which I couldn't fathom packaging went to charity,but the majority is still here!! I predict if I can keep procrastination at bay and attempt further ebay/ listings I can probably earn the same again, if not more.

I was initially going to spend that money paying off credit card bills (I have a choice of many!!) but have now on impulse decided to try and earn double this amount in February. If I achieve my target, I will look into booking a small holiday for us in May. It would be so nice to treat my husband and son to a holiday, we really do need one, and the icing on the cake would be that it was purchased and paid for through effectively recycling, decluttering and rehousing our stuff!

Now, on to the title of today's post.. I'm really getting into the visualisation aspect of setting my goals. I know I haven't listed them on here yet - maybe one day I'll be be brave enough to! I was speaking to a very good friend of mine today who is a successful property investor and business woman. She's also a life coach and when I told her about this blog and about my aims she set me this scenario..

"Imagine you've been left in a strange, new city with only a bit of money and you don't know anyone. How would you make enough money to survive?" According to her, our subconscious part of our brain loves these sorts of challenges and if we ask the question - it is programmed to answer.. It might take minutes, it might take a few nights of sleeping on it, but the ideas will flow. I am taking her comments on board and committing to write down and take notice of any answers that pop into my head regardless of how crazy they are or seem to be!!!!

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  1. The very act of thinking of a situation will make you more perceptive to the possibilities inherent in it. Interesting exercise. Glad to see you blogging on ;).