Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nothing to report :(

I'm ashamed that I am updating my blog and I have nothing positive to report ;(

My plans have taken a huge stall! I seem to have lost a huge amount of motivation and all my positivity has disappeared. I'm trying so hard to get back into my challenge, but it's proving difficult. I have items on ebay, yet they attracted no bids. I have been working hard on my part time business but again, not that many positive results yet. I know this is just a dip, and I know things will get better... but it's so hard to keep focus and keep my eye on the goal when plans don't come to fruition as such.

I'm generally such a positive and upbeat "look on the bright side of life" type person - but this month has been a slow month of inactivity and loss of interest.. I can't believe i'm halfway through it already...

I think my problem is (and I keep stuffing this deep down so I don't have to listen to it), is that I'm so stressed about our house! We want to move house and are on a tight deadline, we need to find a decent house (proving difficult) at a decent price (proving impossible) in the next few months so that I can ensure my son can get his name down to go to a decent school next September!!

I'm hoping these mid February blues are just gonna pass by soon.. they kind of have to cause my motivation has dwindled to a halt.

Anyway.. here's hoping next time I post, I'm a bit more inspired and positive!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Short and sweet!

I haven't been up to much this week, mainly due to having a stinking cold for a while - grrrr. Plus we were away this weekend on a 4 hour journey (each way) to visit relatives so in fact i'm almost taken no physical steps towards my goal :(

I feel like i'm starting to lose my momentum and motivation a bit.. and I hope I can just blame it on the fact my brain is oodled with cold germs!! (is oodled a word?!) if not - I claim copywright!!! ;)

I think tomorrow(if i have enough energy) will be a "sort out the filing day". There's so much paperwork in need of sorting, bills in need of paying and filing and records in need of keeping!

Methinks it's time to guzzle down some medicine, a hot drink and tuck in under a warm duvet. Maybe I should take a leaf out of the Lethal Weapon films and just make the cold go away by "Willing it to happen"!!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Subconscious training!

Right, slapped wrists, this is my new blog and I've already neglected it!! Tut Tut shame on me, two whole weeks with no updates. This is exactly why I started this journalling exercise.. to keep myself focused and on target!

Well I can happily report that even though I have not been updating here on a regular basis, I have not been idle. I have managed to earn the grand total of £175 in January simply by de-cluttering some of our pre-loved items these past two weeks! This was through ebay and Some clothes and bulky stuff which I couldn't fathom packaging went to charity,but the majority is still here!! I predict if I can keep procrastination at bay and attempt further ebay/ listings I can probably earn the same again, if not more.

I was initially going to spend that money paying off credit card bills (I have a choice of many!!) but have now on impulse decided to try and earn double this amount in February. If I achieve my target, I will look into booking a small holiday for us in May. It would be so nice to treat my husband and son to a holiday, we really do need one, and the icing on the cake would be that it was purchased and paid for through effectively recycling, decluttering and rehousing our stuff!

Now, on to the title of today's post.. I'm really getting into the visualisation aspect of setting my goals. I know I haven't listed them on here yet - maybe one day I'll be be brave enough to! I was speaking to a very good friend of mine today who is a successful property investor and business woman. She's also a life coach and when I told her about this blog and about my aims she set me this scenario..

"Imagine you've been left in a strange, new city with only a bit of money and you don't know anyone. How would you make enough money to survive?" According to her, our subconscious part of our brain loves these sorts of challenges and if we ask the question - it is programmed to answer.. It might take minutes, it might take a few nights of sleeping on it, but the ideas will flow. I am taking her comments on board and committing to write down and take notice of any answers that pop into my head regardless of how crazy they are or seem to be!!!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cluttered Caverns!

Today I've been trying to sit down and de-clutter the jumble of goals and aims that are currently "stored" in my mind. I set down some of my goals for the coming year... ( a lot of these have now rolled on from last year!!) oops... ;)  I thought I'd attempt some mind-mapping, I was never particularly good at images and flowcharts - always preferred Lists and numbers more.  However, I persevered and it is amazing what your mind can achieve when you let it loose.

Now in front of me I have a simple A4 page showing "Financial Freedom" in the middle, with lots of different lines sticking out with all my ideas of how I want to achieve that. I don't know if I will ever actually get a chance to do all those projects and implement all those ideas, but now they are there as a point of reference, and I can start thinking a bit more clearly.

My next aim is to sort out my bookmark folder into categories so at least I can find what I need when I need it! However, a job better left till the morning I think ;)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Journey of Discovery

Hello! Welcome to my little space on the world wide web where I'll be attempting to Journal my steps on what I've poetically named : "My Journey of Discovery".

My dream for the past few years has been to gain Financial Freedom and become completely Debt Free. Its a lofty aspiration and one that I know is shared by many people across the globe! So many of us start business ventures and seek new challenges wanting to earn more and then if anything like me, slowly the excitement fades, the buzz dies down and before we know it, the great idea, the illustrious dream is forgotten and boxed away into a dusty corner of our minds.

I am guilty of being a "dreamer". I start ventures, go on courses, buy stock for resale, learn new skills and get excited with new ideas. But then I take my eye off the ball and get stuck into "life" and before I know it, the idea is shelved for a later date. So, what I'm hoping to do with this Blog is journal my actions and my projects. Perhaps this can help me focus my thoughts, my actions and my energy. Perhaps this will help me sort out the jumbled up cluttered cavern of ideas that is my brain and help me get on the road to success! I know I can be so much more than I currently am. I know I have it within me to move forward, achieve success... but all I need to do is Focus, Concentrate and most importantly stop Procrastinating!

I had to think long and hard about the Title and finally settled for this one as I remembered these lovely quotes I had scribbled down what seems like ages ago :

Thank you for taking the time to drop by, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and feel free to leave me a comment or two.

Wish me luck as I start my journey, and lets see what weird and wonderful things I will discover along the way...