Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nothing to report :(

I'm ashamed that I am updating my blog and I have nothing positive to report ;(

My plans have taken a huge stall! I seem to have lost a huge amount of motivation and all my positivity has disappeared. I'm trying so hard to get back into my challenge, but it's proving difficult. I have items on ebay, yet they attracted no bids. I have been working hard on my part time business but again, not that many positive results yet. I know this is just a dip, and I know things will get better... but it's so hard to keep focus and keep my eye on the goal when plans don't come to fruition as such.

I'm generally such a positive and upbeat "look on the bright side of life" type person - but this month has been a slow month of inactivity and loss of interest.. I can't believe i'm halfway through it already...

I think my problem is (and I keep stuffing this deep down so I don't have to listen to it), is that I'm so stressed about our house! We want to move house and are on a tight deadline, we need to find a decent house (proving difficult) at a decent price (proving impossible) in the next few months so that I can ensure my son can get his name down to go to a decent school next September!!

I'm hoping these mid February blues are just gonna pass by soon.. they kind of have to cause my motivation has dwindled to a halt.

Anyway.. here's hoping next time I post, I'm a bit more inspired and positive!

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  1. Had to comment as I have been there! I was desperate to move so my children could go to schools of my choosing, I looked for 2 years and then gave up. My husbands job was under threat of redundancy, and no houses in our price range so I brought a car for the school run and just thought I'd apply for teh school and hope for the best. THEN one day I was in my car with my MiL and she said pop in the estate agents and see if they have anything new. They did. A repossession. We wanted it. We put our house on the market that weekend and by Tuesday morning had an offer from a first time buyer. In 7 weeks we had moved. So it can be done. That was 18months ago and my son is now in his first year at school and my daughter is at pre-school there too. So don't give up hope. xx (Sorry its so long!)