Sunday, 7 February 2010

Short and sweet!

I haven't been up to much this week, mainly due to having a stinking cold for a while - grrrr. Plus we were away this weekend on a 4 hour journey (each way) to visit relatives so in fact i'm almost taken no physical steps towards my goal :(

I feel like i'm starting to lose my momentum and motivation a bit.. and I hope I can just blame it on the fact my brain is oodled with cold germs!! (is oodled a word?!) if not - I claim copywright!!! ;)

I think tomorrow(if i have enough energy) will be a "sort out the filing day". There's so much paperwork in need of sorting, bills in need of paying and filing and records in need of keeping!

Methinks it's time to guzzle down some medicine, a hot drink and tuck in under a warm duvet. Maybe I should take a leaf out of the Lethal Weapon films and just make the cold go away by "Willing it to happen"!!!!

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